Top 10 Best Lesser-Known PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks 2019


PUBG Mobile is one of my favorite game and keeps me up at night. Over time, I have learned a few tricks that help me survive until the very end. So, in this article, I am going to share some of the best lesser-known tips that could make you much better at the game.

Well, if we look around, we will find that almost everyone is busy playing PUBG Mobile on their Android and iOS devices. Not just on smartphones, PUBG Mobile is also played on Windows computer through an emulator. PUBG Mobile is an exciting battle royale game which is available on iOS and Android’s app store.
In this game, you will be dropped with 99 other players on an island. The player needs to survive until the very end while killing others. So, the last man to survive will be the winner. The game is highly addictive and high on visuals. Yes, we forget to mention that the game is addictive as well.
Until now, we have shared lots of article on PUBG Mobile like best tips & tricks to survive, best loot location, best guns, etc. So, today we have decided to share some of the lesser-known tips for PUBG Mobile. Look, PUBG Mobile is different from all traditional games because here you need to make a proper strategy to survive.

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So, your gaming strategies along with gaming skills are what ultimately decide whether you will be able to get that ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ title or not. Honestly speaking, PUBG Mobile is one of my favorite game and keeps me up at night. Over time, I have learned a few tricks that help me survive until the very end.


op 10 Best Lesser-Known PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks 2019

So, in this article, I am going to share some of the best lesser-known tips that could make you much better at the game. So, let’s explore some of the best lesser-known tips to survive in PUBG Mobile 2019

#1 Land First

Well, in one of our article, we have shared a few best loot locations on PUBG Mobile to land on. However, to grab those loots, you need to land faster than others. You can fall much faster while keeping your moving controller to the left or right corner. You need to create a vertical drop angle, and start dropping slightly left/right wherever the landing spot is.

#2 Loot Fast

Once landed, make sure to loot as fast as possible and don’t just stay and watch around. Make sure to turn on the auto-pickup from the Settings and then run everywhere you see the loots. It doesn’t matter if you have a pistol or shotgun around you, pick it up. So, you need to be faster than your enemies, especially after the landing.

#3 Make sure to clean your backpack

After looting and killing enemies, get into a house or buildings to clean your backpack. Since you have landed faster than others, you have probably collected as much loot as possible including what you don’t need. So, after clearing the landing rush, get into a room and clear all unnecessary things from the backpack

#4 Don’t carry more than 140 bullets

Since PUBG Mobile allows users to carry two guns and one pistol, it doesn’t make any sense to have 200+ bullets. In my opinion, 120-140 bullets are more than enough. Bullets are for killing enemies, and after killing them, you will get more loots. So, make sure to carry only the required amount of bullets.

#5 6x is more useful than 8x Scope

A sniper with an 8X scope is one of the best things in PUBG Mobile. However, if you don’t have any sniper rifle, then 8x is pretty much useless. 8x is only meant for a sniper rifle and it takes lots of bag space. So, until and unless you have a sniper rifle, don’t pick up the 8x scope. In my opinion, 6x is more useful than 8x because 6x can be attached to the assault rifles and SMGs.

#6 Learn To Use Vehicles

Vehicles were not only used for traveling on PUBG Mobile. Lots of players use it as cover. If you are in an open field and getting shots, then you can use the vehicle as an advantage. You can either blow the tires or use it as a cover to avoid getting shot. Also, when you are alone and squad attacking you at the same time safe zone is far away, then puncture every tire that you see on the path. By doing so, enemies will not find any vehicle to get into the safe zone and will die outside the zone.

#7 MK 14 is Better Than Gorza in Close Range

Well, MK14 is one of the deadliest weapons that’s found on Air Drops. However, PUBG Mobile players completely avoid this gun. If you have proper shooting skills, then trust me MK14 is much better than Groza, M249 in auto-fire mode. The recoil is very low, and it does more damage compared to Groza.

#8 AWM is the most powerful Sniper In PUBG

AWM is the beast and its the most powerful sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile. However, AWM is an AirDrop limited weapon, that means you need to rely upon Flare guns to get AWM. AWM can kill an enemy wearing level 2 helmet in a single hit. If the enemy is wearing level three helmet, then two shots of AWM is enough. So, if you have AWM make sure to use it and if you were put against it, then avoid it.

#9 Remove Dresses as you head towards the final circle

PUBG Mobile offers users lots of outfits, and they play a crucial role in the final circle. Even if you don’t have a gillie suit, wearing green colored outfits can make it difficult for the enemies to spot you. Wearing bright colored attire reveals you more in the final circle. So, make sure to avoid colorful outfits to avoid being spotted.

#10 Know when to camp and rush

To win Battlegrounds in the late-game and final 10, you need to know when to camp and rush. If you have entered late into the last circle, then it’s better to wait it out and avoid making further movements. If you have managed to get the safe location early, then try camping any buildings that are outside the safe zone. In the final 10, don’t engage in useless fights unless you know the exact location of the enemies.
So, these are some of the best lesser-known PUBG Mobile tips & tricks. If you want to add anything to the list, let us know in the comment box below.